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Alternative Economies: public discussion #2

7.30 pm - 9.30pm, Thursday 7th February, FabLab, Limerick

Alternative Economies is the theme for a series of public dialogues taking place in the run up to Laboratory of Common Interest, a project to coincide with the centenary of the Limerick soviet in April 2019. Inspired by soviet's production of a temporary currency, these dialogues ask what is an alternative economy? Could an alternative currency operate during the centenary and if so how?

This second dialogue in the series featured guest, Dr. Conor McCabe, whose recently published book, Money (2018), addresses the opaque and abstract form of money as a social relation and as a technology of power. It also puts forward alternatives that involve facing up to deep economic class divisions within Irish society.

13 people attended, comprising artists, activitst, curator, soviet committee organisers, academics, community development workers, students.. A lively discussion focused on aspects of Conor's book took place.

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