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The Laboratory of Common Interest event space, April 15th - 27th 2019, Limerick

The Laboratory of Common Interest, event space blackboard surfaces, various events.

The year-long dialogical process of The Laboratory of Common Interest culminated in a public event-space, consisting of 18 aesthetic actions over 13 consecutive days, and a number of material artefacts. The public manifestation was timed to coincide with the centenary of the Limerick Soviet, a 12-day takeover of the city centre by workers protesting the occupation of the city by British forces and the conditions of labour under capitalism. 

The Laboratory of Common Interest

The Laboratory of Common Interest, various events.

The Laboratory of Common Interest emphasised the haptical over the optical, and the relational over the representational. It employed a range of strategies: diagrammatic; evental; choreographic; infrastructural; dialogical; material; socio-spatial and an overarching strategy described as aesthetic work. It was through those strategies that the work was given its shape, and those same strategies are employed to communicate the work to a secondary public. 

The work was a co-production with a group of people and organisations: Kate O' Shea, Ger Walsh, Ciaran Nash, Mark Howard, Gianna Tomasso, Anna Blair, Michael Cleary, Ed Carroll, Victoria Brunetta, Aoife Barrett/ Print Van Go, Mary O' Donnell, Joe Harrington, Baerbel Schleuter, Bernardine Carroll, Julie Griffiths, Maeve Collins, Pauline Conroy, Edel Geraghty; Circle of Friends Moyross Women's Group, Pavithra Kannan, Andrew Collins, Peter Brazier, Frank Hall, Nat Schastnev(a), Evgeny Shtorn, Alexander Kondakov, Dr Anne Mulhall, Ahmet Öğüt/ Silent University, Dr Conor McCabe, Treasa O' Brien, MaryJane O' Leary, Mark Garavan, Torange Khonsari/ public works, Eve Olney, Rionach Ni Neill, Kate O' Shea / The Living Commons group, Ger Reidy, Kerry Guinan, Don Sheehan, LizAnn  Doyle, Olivia Forde, James Kearney, Jim Furlong, Limerick Soviet 100 committee, Urban Co-op, local businesses, FabLab/ University of Limerick, School of Art & Design/ LIT. 


The Laboratory of Common Interest, blackboard surfaces, various events.

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