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One of the primary methodologies identified with this research is that of embodied critique, which is not a formally recognised methodology, but one that I am developing through the practice-based research and conceptualising through the theoretical research.

I am drawing on the writings of the philosopher Marina Garcés, who is part of Espai en Blanc (Blank Space) 'a collective initiative aiming at a committed, practical and experimental relationship with philosophical thinking'. Garcés is concerned with situating critique 'within the real conditions of our present world' (2008). To embody critique is to try to overcome the sense of powerlessness and isolation generated by current alienating conditions of neoliberal capitalism (and its emerging proto-fascist successor), to discover what we are capable of. Critique is only liberating if it takes on a practical form.

The term 'we' is central to this inquiry. To establish common cause with others and begin to work together to overcome the alienation that generates so much anxiety and despair in our world is to generate temporary forms of 'we'. The first task is therefore to experience '. . . “WE” as a dimension of our own existence, (a)s a way of taking back our world today' (Garcés, 2008).

Through the formation of a temporary 'we', this inquiry aims to' craft a discourse together with others' (Garcés, 2008). It is in this sense that each of the Free*Space events is understood as a community of practice.


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