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Free*Space is an infrastructure that has been developed to support a co-operative process of artistic research and dialogue in Limerick city. Free*Space sets out to draw together social actors, activists and advocates to share views, practices and/or actions towards the production of spaces of common interest in the city, working through a process that aims to be mutually beneficial and co-productive.

Dialogue #1 was convened by Fiona Woods, hosted by Lucia Pola @Old School with food provided by Pauline Goggin and Fiona Woods. Participants included Lucia Pola (designer, Old School), Pauline Goggin (socially engaged artist), Kate O' Shea (artist, community activist and MA student), Maeve Collins (socially engaged artist and educator), Trudi van der Elsen (artist and curator) and Fiona Woods (artist, educator and PhD researcher).

Over lunch participants were asked to share their views on the question 'what possibilities and challenges could a free space open up, in theory or in practice?'

Reflective text arising from this dialogue can be viewed here (link to follow)

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