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This is one of several conversation that I had with Lucia Pola at Old School, a co-working venue that she is establishing in Limerick. It followed another discussion with Pauline Goggin about the idea of a Free Mapping project, out of which the notion of Free*Space arose.

Lucia and I met in a corridor in Old School, looking out of the window to the vacant garden below. There was a lot of common ground between us on this question of a Free*Space and what it might do.

The idea of FREE*SPACE as a practice to generate temporary spaces in the city of Limerick,

through a cooperative and co-creative process involving artists, cultural producers, social actors, advocates and activists was generally something we were both interested in. How it might be done was still a matter for discussion.

As Lucia is trying to build a community of users around Old School, it seemed to us that this might be of mutual benefit.

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