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The Circle of Friends women's group in Moyross worked with me to design and produce a banner work over a number of weeks in the run-up to the Laboratory of Common Interest event-space in April 2019.

The women proposed that they themselves are a model of the strength of women in overcoming obstacles to equality and social justice. As a result of this we worked on a series of embroidered portraits of the women at different stages of their lives. We exchanged skills in the areas of drawing, sewing and embroidery. 

This led us to design the banner as a backdrop for a play that had been written previously by the women, A Political History of Our Bodies. The group performed the play during the Laboratory, as part of a day organised around the idea of care-as-commons, a key theme in the work of the great theorist of the Commons, Silvia Federici.

tricia drawing.jpg

Portrait of Tricia

mary chld portrait.jpg

Portrait of Mary as a child

Portrait of Eileen

banner situation.jpg
play performance bw.jpg
banner detail 2 bw.jpg
banner detail 3.jpg
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