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Contested Site #1 was a co-production with Liz Ryan, an artist from Limerick. Liz offered to bring me to what she describes as 'a class wall' that divides the area of Caherdavin and Moyross on the edge of the city from the wealthier area of Moylish. The wall is approx 2m in height. It was developed in stages, beginning in the 1950's when people were being moved out from the city centre, and has subsequently been built upwards, as social disadvantage increased in the areas of Moyross and Caherdavin. 

The walk-and-talk aspect began in the city centre, as we took a bus to Caherdavin to begin our walk. The wall stretches for approx. 1 mile. We counted the number of openings in the wall. The first is in the Moyross Secondary School, a passageway between Moyross and Moylish. The second is for a Rugby Club. 

A substantial portion of the wall separates the campus of Limerick Institute of Technology from the neighbourhoods of Caherdavin and Moyross. Several development plans by LIT have proposed opening the campus up to its neighbours, but that has never taken place. 

The final section of the 2m wall separates two LIT student housing complexes from the neighbourhood of Moyross. 

diagram wall.jpg
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